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MB Led : First test with MB Led blocks

Yesterday, Alexis gave us 3 MB Led so that we could check the IrDA of the blocks. So far, Cédric achieved to communicate through UART 2 and 3 without any problem. For UART 4 and 5, he encountered problems to receive messages due to missing characters in the UART data register.

Benjamin started to check the  LED driver so that we could light the MB Leds soon.

Both of them used the oscilloscope to understand signals from the component.

Meanwhile, I fixed some bugs in the algorithm and my tests were successful on the GLiP blocks. Thoses blocks can only communicate through UART 2 & 3 so my job is now to test the algorithm on fully operating GLiP blocks (with their 4 IrDA transceivers), waiting for Cédric to test on our MB Led blocks. It seems that FreeRTOS scheduler is blocked when I tried to launch 16 tasks at once. I would try to fix this without reducing the numbers of tasks, cause each one is important…

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