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MB Led : Visual display of algorithm and snake first steps

Since our last post, Guillaume is still on the algorithm. Benjamin developed a display task for the old and new GLiPs. Now, we can see directly what’s going on in the network and try to debug it (see the picture). Yesterday, Guillaume tried to resolve bugs of freezing GLiP while the algorithm is running. He had to change many things in order to fix this and the only remaining freeze happens when some blocs leave the network.

There are some troubles when a block isn’t gone but don’t communicate with his neighbors. The biggest problem is when a block is rickety and that he communicates for time to time : he is considered as gone and soon after, he is here, etc. When this happens, the network can fail.



A little video to illustrate the visual debug:


Benjamin is develloping a special snake game concept for our system.


Guillaume and Benjamin.


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2 comments to MB Led : Visual display of algorithm and snake first steps

  • Fun way to debug the system indeed :)

  • Tomô

    I think the snake is a really good idea, then you should add wall, bonus (lifes, points,…), pieces of snake at random position on random bricks. But the main problem remains that the snake is always running at the center of the bricks…