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Copterix has had a harsh day

Today, we added the yaw servomechanism on the Copterix and it responded pretty well, it is now able to fall slowly like a fall leaf. Sorry we don’t have any video this time, but you will soon understand why…

Our octocopter went through a lot of trouble:

  • When we passed on battery, motors were twice as powerful as on sector, and even though we lowed them a lot, it finally crashed on the ceiling. That was of course not a real test environment (indoor flights are not the exact purpose of a copter), and that is exactly the reason why this accident occurred. It turned out that we just had to change a propeller and our copter was back on tracks.
  • Since yesterday evening, Copterix tends not to start properly. We thought first it was because of the motors card security, which turns off every motors in case of a brutal startup, but it was late tonight we finally discovered with our teacher that it was just a bad contact between a part of this card and the rest of it on the i2c bus, and we finally fixed it.

Afterwards, we performed a Radio Frequency test and it went really well: we think we will be able to control the thrust, roll and pitch by remote control after a few callibration.

Finally, we started our web site ! We plan to add a lot of content about our project during next week, keep on checking !

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2 comments to Copterix has had a harsh day

  • Hey Axel, you eventually talk about that showcase website you mentionned in a Tweet a few days ago. I can’t figure out where I can find its url. Could you please give it to us ?
    What about that crash ? Did the copter recover from it ?

  • Thank you, all those informations have now been added in the post:
    The copter is fine, we just had to change a propeller, and the web site address is http://copterix.perso.rezel.net/.