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Copterix : battery problem

Last days, we spent plenty of time understanding why we had so much problems.

It started yesterday evening: our motors weren’t responding to our commands. After long hours debugging with an oscilloscope, we finally succeed in making them work again, but we didn’t find any rational explanation of this problem.

Today, as we wanted to test graphical logs of copter flights, we experimented big problems again. After having taken advices from our professors, we added some improvements to our code: we improved our scripts, added locks on processes to avoid multiple instances of them… Finally, we found the problem which was making us mad. One of our battery has a big problem: it seems it can’t deliver enough power to the motors, what gives our copter a very strange behaviour.

We now have the same conditions of work than a few days earlier, but with a better work environment. We are going to spend next day intensively working on the stabilization and the command of our copter, we hope this will be easier than the days we just passed through.

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