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Educational Robot

Today we discussed about the project of the Educational Robot, a simple and small multipurpose robot that can acomplish some simple tasks, depending on the devices that it has attached, like going throught a maze by using sensors detect the path.

We discussed about some points of the project, but most still is to be decided tomorrow. We just decided from now that the project must be modular, in order to make easy to integrate any add-on.

We are looking forward for a meeting tomorrow to discuss most of the details of the project.

Gabriel Teixeira

3 comments to Educational Robot

  • But can you explain the main idea to the world ?
    Cédric ;)

  • Gabriel Teixeira

    The idea is to develop a platform that is easy to add new peripherals without having to develop everything from the scratch. So if I change the sensors, for example, I would just need to recalibrate the driver for the sensors and all the software developed for the initial project would still work. If I add a camera, the software that uses it wouldn’t need to have to know the specifics details for the camera. If I change the application that was flashed, I would not have to reflash all the specific code to each hardware attached Tomorrow we will discuss this in more details.

  • Cool !
    It reminds me the Cubelets (made by the MIT), but the camera idea is exciting !
    Good luck ;)