Interactive web site of Télécom ParisTech's ELECINF344/ELECINF381 Robotics and Embedded Systems classes (a.k.a. ROSE, 2012 session).


Projects list

As a reminder, here are the project attributions.

Educative robot with plugins (Tutobot)

  • Gabriel
  • Helen
  • Thalita

Model railroad (SaMoRa)

  • Brice
  • Clément
  • Guillaume B.

Persistence of vision (Rose Ace)

  • Félix
  • Jérémy
  • Sylvain

Ball robot (Ball-E)

  • Matthieu
  • Otilia
  • PHH
  • Scott

Wall-climbing hexapod robot (DHEXTROSE)

  • Aurélien
  • Bertrand
  • Guillaume C.


1 comment to Projects list

  • drix

    One of these beautiful projects could need the Python HDL ? (MyHDL.org)
    As RoseWheel doesn’t seem to be reused, can we buy it !?
    (would you make a discount if we helped to build it?)