Interactive web site of Télécom ParisTech's ELECINF344/ELECINF381 Robotics and Embedded Systems classes (a.k.a. ROSE, 2012 session).


Initial projects presentation

What do we expect to appear in the initial presentation?

  • A list of project-specific success criteria (PSSC). Each PSSC must be easily checkable with a simple yes/no answer.
  • The project schedule.
  • The division of work amongst team members.
  • The project codename.

What will be the presentation format?

  • You are expected to have slides or an equivalent written document containing the PSSC list. You will have a chance to alter the document based on the feedback you get during the presentation before its content gets posted onto this site.
  • Every team member must play an active role in the presentation.
  • Each team will be alloted a 15 minutes time slot.

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