Interactive web site of Télécom ParisTech's ELECINF344/ELECINF381 Robotics and Embedded Systems classes (a.k.a. ROSE, 2012 session).


Articles and presentations assignments

Students must team up and research about the indicated topic. A presentation will take place on 2012-02-24, and will be graded. A short article (which takes the presentation feedback in account) must then be submitted to the teachers not later than 2012-03-16).

Linux device drivers: why, when, which, how?

  • Bertrand
  • Sylvain

Switching power supplies.

  • Guillaume B.
  • Guillaume C.
  • Matthieu

Firmware and bootloader: security, update, unattended upgrades.

  • Brice
  • Jérémy
  • Otilia

IP communication for microcontroller based embedded systems (IPv4, IPv6, 6lowpan, COAP).

  • Clément
  • PHH
  • Thalita

Batteries: capacity, charge control, fuel gauge.

  • Félix
  • Gabriel

Wireless communication for embedded systems: WiFi, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, Dash7.

  • Aurélien
  • Helen
  • Scott


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