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Today, we have discussed about our project of building a spider robo (hexapod) that would be able to walk on the walls.

We now have a general idea of its look, its features, the way we can build it, its components.

It is made of 6 legs, each being controlled by three servo-motors, linked to a double-deck.

We plan to add a suction cup to each of the legs, controlled with a central vacuum generator and a valve per cup in order to enable our robot to crawl on the walls.

We will add a camera (seemingly orientable with a servo-motor) in order to take images of what our robot sees.

It will transmit this information via wifi and will process the video to find and avoid obstacles on its path.

We have defined our objectives and we established a schedule.

If you are interested, you might learn more with tomorrow’s presentation.

We even have a sweet surprise for you concerning the secret name of our project…


Aurélien, Bertrand & Guillaume


Guillaume Chelfi

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