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Teachers give their advice on Tutobot

Our educational robot – the Tutobot – is to be used in an specific course here at our school. After our first presentation, we decided to follow our professors’ advice and ask the teachers of this course about what they expect our robot to be like. Among other aspects, we asked about a standard way to make it able to be connected to expansion boards. We also asked for some examples of robots we should inspire ours of.
We’re waiting for their answers with curiosity *-*

Besides, after the presentation we got to some conclusions:

  • As we thought, using an embedded Linux would demand a little to much hardware, regarding our low-cost purpose. So, we’ll keep it simple.
  • We are going to design a custom PCB.
  • There’s not enough time for prototyping and tests before ordering the PCB, but if we use a micro-controller that is on one of the  development boards available here at the school, we might do some tests.
  • We’re most likely using a ZigBee module for wireless communication between Tutobots.
  • The robot will connect with computer by USB, and also have a USB rechargeable battery.
  • We are most likely using a differential wheel system: a pair of independent motored wheels and a 3rd loose one just for balance.

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