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Rose Ace : Architecture choice & distribution of work

Today we define our architecture. The main board with the micro-controller, we will use an embedded Linux to add a lot of possibilities (plug-in, video conversion, GUI, etc.) and will communicate with the FPGA embedded in the propeller. In the main board there will be only USB ports to communicate but we will try to design a VGA2USB plug-in (and maybe DVI or other if we have time). The FPGA transforms a raw image (VGA style) in a list of beams (of colors for the leds) and commands the leds.

Our propeller will be a 40cm diameter propeller (to define : how many led can we put on).


For the moment,

Sylvain will work on the “no wire” transmission of power and information from the main board to the propeller.

Jérémy will work on the main board.

And I will work on the FPGA/propeller board.


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