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We decided for a folder structure for the project, each folder with the following attribution:
inc: headers of the source files.
lib: the source files with the implementation of function.
bin: compiled sources
test: test files and examples.

The user should be able to create a new project by command line. Inside the new folder of the new project, the user should be able to compile his application and charge it into Tutobot.
We discussed forms to maximise the abstraction of compiling for the user. The user don’t need to inform the system the libraries he uses in a configuration file, the environment should recognise automatically the libraries and add it to the binary file without linking with non used libraries. We decided to study tools like autotools.
We also decided to reload all the system every time the user makes a new binary. The libraries will be static. To make a parallel with Linux, this would mean that it would be necessary to compile the entire kernel every time a new application was made. This structure can change as the project evolves
About the hardware architecture, we raised many questions and divided them between ours selves, we are planing to do a presentation between us on Thursday.

Helen Fornazier

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