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Personal Work

This week we worked in the presentation we did on Friday, it was good but it  missed some focus to embedded systems.

We started working in the software. Each student is responsible for a STM32 board witch is really nice, we can go home with the board \o/ (of course we need to return it at the end of the course).  We are working with FreeRTOS, a real time open source operating system. Now we need to turn on a led from the board, start clocks, interrupt vector and others little things. My led isn’t turning on yet but it will :)

Today (26/02), me and my group met to choose the components (Tutobot group).

We searched about the microcontroller with an FPGA, the SmartFusion from Actel, but it is expensive and we have constraints of cost. So we decided not to used it. Tomorrow we will meet again to finish this search about the components.

In the afternoon I worked in the PCB (class homework, not to Tutobot), I almost finished the schematics of it, next step I am going to try routing (we need to finish it to Saturday night).

Helen Fornazier

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3 comments to Personal Work

  • SmartFusion is not that expensive : for around 30$ you get an FPGA, a Cortex-M3, many peripherals and plenty of user IO. Its price has to be compared to all the stuff it can replace, not to a STM32 or AVR alone. And who knows, we might get an educational discount ? :)

    • HFornazier

      The things that are more expensive are ZigBee, motors, chassis and sensors. The price of each one of them is less than the SmartFusion, so far I know it can not replace this items. But if the educational discount is really good, we could think about it :)

  • Could a soft processor in the FPGA be an interesting solution ?