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Trying to choose motors…

I spent the weekend working with my group in order to chose components and better define our Tutobot. Some components weren’t exactly chosen yet, tough we narrowed them down to 2 or 3 options.

I mostly focused on searching the mechanical part: chassis, motors, wheels. It took me a lot of time to understand how to choose the motors, and still I cant say I’m completely sure about it.  At the end we choose a motor we believe is going to make our robot fast enough, but I couldn’t find yet the wheels that fit the motor axis.

There is another motor that has compatible wheels, and it’s even half the price, but it’s a bit slow, only 65 RPM free rotation (at 9V). In our calculations, considering wheel size, motor’s stall torque and estimated robot’s weight, it would give a maximum speed of 19 cm/second. We felt it to be slow in comparison to what we expected to do in the beginning.

I found out about H bridges used in motor drivers. I didn’t know they existed, now I have to study more about how they work, because the way they apparently boost current into the motor seems a little magical to me. At least I need to understand how to choose a bridge-H IC.


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