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Tutobot – Components

Hello everybody,


In the Tutobot project we are finishing to choose the components. It is not so easy to find the components that we want in a great price.

We finally found a chassis kit here, it is a complete chassis with 3 wheels, 2 motors and the support, the price is great :) , if we buy each part separately each motor would cost around 10 €, the support 5 € and the wheels 3 € if we find all compatible with each other. With this chassis we are expecting a speed around 50cm/s, acceleration 40cm/s² if the robot is around 300g. Not really fast but fast enough. The problem is the stock, the store says it should be available next week, but we are still looking for another solution in case it continues out of stock.

We decided to use more color sensors, one in the right edge and another in the left to allow signalization in a following line application, like this example: Line follower robot competition. We can see in this video white lines out of the route to indicate the start and the end of a curve, and it can be used in many others applications too. More sensors can be used to verify and correct the robot inclination with the line axis with more precision.

We are looking forward to implement a cliff sensor, like this robot: Cliff detection. We can cover the wheels with 3 proximity sensors, studies about the height of an ignorable cliff is being done. And more 3 sensor for collision avoidance.

The digital sensors are around 2 €, we are studying the possibility to use analogical sensors, each one is about 0,8 €, we are planing to use 10 sensors, from 20 € we go to 8 € with analogical sensors.

The battery should be light and rechargeable, the first impression about Li-Ion battery is to be expensive, but we are still making researches.

About the microcontroler, our first choice is a STM32F103RBT6, maybe it is a little over power for our robot, but the difference in the price is just 2,5 € to another less powerful. So we decided to use this one to not worry about how many space we should use, or if the clock isn’t enough. Another advantage is that this microcontroler is really close to the one we are already using in class. We already did a first pin assignment, but it still have to be revised.


HFornazier, Thalita, Gabrial – Tutobot’s Team

Helen Fornazier

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