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Challenging week…

This last week we were told we should finish  our software homework on the STM32 boards until Friday (or at least try to), so we could be prepared for the communication challenge. Well, let’s just say I’m still having dreams about blinking LEDs and datasheets… xD. I worked all week on this, ALL the time. Even so, I had to skip some details so I could have the time to get Zigbee code working for the big Friday. The communication challenge is done, but I still have to make some adjustments on my homework: code the PWM control for the LCD’s back-light and the timer to control the buzzer.

And I should say, there’s an important lesson I learned this week: commit your code in your version control system ALL THE TIME, specially if something new that wasn’t working suddenly is. It is important to commit small changes, so latter you can easier find out what introduced a bug. I guess the teachers told us that before, but it’s when you need to go way back on your code (because it’s not working anymore) that you really feel how important it is. I used to commit only when I had finished working on a whole big lot of stuff, and when I had to come back in my commits,  I had to undo a whole big lot of stuff too, which wasn’t really efficient… So my final thought for the week is: git commit all the time.

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