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Welcome to the world of ROSE, baby Ball-E

Today, while Otilia and Scott tried to learn things about Kalman filter and from Rezero’s final report, and almost commited suicide after :p (don’t worry they’re ok), Pierre-Hugues and I continued the mechanical calculations.

Unfortunately, it appears that our calculations must be false as the result with numerical values didn’t make any sense.

So we decided to make tries with a real ballbot. We asked the Telecom ParisTech Robotics’ Club if we could borrow them some omniwheels and DC motor in order to estimate physically the power that need for each motor. We would like to thank them for accepting and we would like to introduce you our new friend : Baby Ball-E


Matthieu Tardivon

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2 comments to Welcome to the world of ROSE, baby Ball-E

  • Did it move? Did it fall?

  • Matthieu Tardivon

    Actually, it took us the whole afternoon to build it in the Robotics Club’s room, so we didn’t have the time to test it electrically speaking.
    But I pretty sure of something : soon (I hope tomorrow), it will probably move, certainly fall and won’t be stable yet !
    But at least, we hope that it will help us to make a choice for the motors and that it will perhaps help us to make the calculations (it’s easier when you have a real 3D view of the problem, well, I hope so ^^).