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SaMoRA : chips and first tests


After the communication chalenge of friday, we work about SaMoRa. Brice begin to work about soft. We would like to use a STM32F207VE (http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/product/245081.jsp) on the base station, because we know his architecture and it matchs our specifications and it is less expansive than STM32F207VC (http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/product/250188.jsp). This CPU should control CAN bus for sensors, two DCC bus for train (one to manage trains and one to recompute trains), wifi conexion and ethernet conexion and make sure railroad. We would like to make a chip to allow people to take control of trains with a remote. We need to chose the CPU but we would like use a very small CPU, this chip should convert remote protocol to CAN protocol. this chip sould be conected to Bus CAN and if an user plug remotes and send commands to the base station. This chip should be supply by CAN bus. And we would like to make a chip to send analogic video from the train to laptop over ethernet. This chip should have a RF receiver and an ethernet output.

After, we decide to use ChibiOS (http://www.chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php), it ‘s a real time OS and we begin to use it to control DCC and CAN. Actualy, we are in test step.

Actualy we are testing and managing trains with remote control just for fun :)

Best regards,

SaMoRa team.

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