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PCB Place and Route

I hope I can recall everything that we reviewed in class for place and route in Expedition PCB. It was impressive to see a completed pcb diagram in 30 minutes. He makes it look easy. I spent about 3 or 4 hours working on just the placement. I finished the routing after another 1 hour for configuration corrections and 1 hour of careful routing. My placement didn’t take into consideration the routing for voltage and ground, so my sublayer is pretty ugly and I didn’t take much time get rid of snaking. I also haven’t made consideration for lengthening wires to the same bus. I’ll have to practice it later. I’m also thinking about asking for suggestions. I saw others using grounding pins for some of their chips. I didn’t use any. It’s difficult to stop working on my PCB because I’m really not satisfied with the outcome, but I will hopefully practice later and try following some principal guidlines which I may have missed this time (such as better placement with consideration to voltage and ground wires).


Scott Messner


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