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Kalman, PCB and paper

We started the week by working on Ball-E. I am very happy with the protoype that Matthieu & PH built on Monday afternoon, it gave us an idea on what motors we need and we had the chance to check that the system works (the mechanical part). While baby Ball-E was being built, I have been digging for information on the Kalman filter applied to problems of inverted pendulum. Dan Simon’s “Optimal State Estimation” gave me a better understanding of the mathematical context. Apparently once we have our kinetic model we can implement the filter. I still need to clear up some thoughts on applying it to Ball-E (sensor fusion… in which order, what defines the state -acceleration, orientations, how will we process data from the IMU).

Meanwhile yesterday I finished my PCB. I was satisfied about the final placement. I hope the routing is good. Still there were some ground vias missing in the end and I had forgotten the command that would have enabled me to perform the final corrections.

Today I worked on the paper on firmware and bootloader. It was the chance to use Latex after a long pause. Writing required re-reading some of the papers we studied for the presentation and searching for new information. Brice and Jeremy worked on their parts as well and we discussed in the evening on the paper’s structure, content and what each one of us has written.


Otilia Anton

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