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Multiple Accoustic Embedded Sensational Troubadours for ROSE

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
Sir Winston Churchil

After our last project’s failure (Miss you, DHEXTROSE !), we embedded on a brand new one, and here it is :

Audio modules able to synchronize so that the sound heard by one of them, or drawn from a (micro)SD card, could be propagated as a sound wave accross  space, always spreading to the nearest neighbours first. They shall also operate as a network of audio sensors performing observations.

We began today to consider which components our modules would comprise. Here is what we could settle :

-  a surface transducer

- a MP3 codec

- obviously, a microphone and a battery

We still have to choose a  ZigBee module microcontroller (for instance a STM32). Few calculations being needed, our choice willl primarily being guided by autonomy considerations. I’m also told introducing an amplificator between the codec and te speaker would be relevant.

Aurélien Martin

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