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SaMora’s PCB


This week, I worked on the basis station’s PCB design. It’s difficult because I had many compatibility problems. We will not make the captors’s PCBs. So, our basis station should be compatible. For exemple, I should choose the transceiver CAN in term of theses on the captor’s stations. I had chosen wifi module : the GS1011MIE. (http://fr.farnell.com/gainspan/gs1011mie-smp/module-wifi-w-int-pa-ant-con/dp/2077376) and the ethernet module. I finished the pinout of STM32F207VET6. It’s very difficult to choose goods components but it’s very interesting because I can see little differences between two components and I try to see why one is more adapted than each others.

The next week I will try to route the PCB.

Best regards,

Guillaume for SaMoRa team

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