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Two sweet words

Back to this algorithm deriving the modules’ repartition based on the whole set of distances in between.

It is now implemented, and thoroughly trialed. It has taken some transformations for the results to be comparable to the (pseudo-random) entries, but let’s come to the jist of it.

For the first time in this project’s (and its precursor’s) history, I have the great honor and the deep pleasure to write these two words (and one exclamation mark, which is the bare minimum) :

It works !

Which is more, I now understand why. But our hardest difficulties still stand beyond us, and measuring the distances data isn’t the least of them. It is very likely that it be the greatest, in fact, not to mention that the aforementioned algorithm demands that every module see each other, which  can only be if they all stand at less from 100m from each other.

One step is still one step, and tomorrow shall bring the next !

Aurélien Martin

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