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RoseAce : last components choice

Today, we have (thanks to Samuel T. ) a new idea to calculate the radius. Instead of calculating at each turn the new radius, we can just save in a FRAM the corresponding pixel for a LED in a propeller given position.

We chose the last components : motor, motor driver, power management.

During a discussion with the person in charge of the mechanics devices creation in the school, he explained to Sylvain that the use of a encoder wheel will be difficult so, we kept our first idea : resynchronize the propeller 1 time by turn with a simple IR photodiode.

Personally, at the end of the day, I began working on the FPGA. Tomorrow, I will keep on working on the FPGA.

Jeremy Sauget

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1 comment to RoseAce : last components choice

  • Well, we may have even a better suggestion based on both Bresenham and the more intelligent pixel cache we talked about which may require even less memory than planned. Concerning the RAM, we would prefer that you do not write a complete arbiter, and we do not plan to use dual-port memory, so we should talk tomorrow about using several banks of RAM to allow for easy double buffering.