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SaMoRa : Update Firmware over Can without Brick

Since Monday, Brice work on the protocol CAN to be fully compatible with the NMRANet standard while Guillaume and me work  on the can bootloader and how to update firmware of the boards over the CAN.

Two schemes about our work :

On this first, you can see that we have make a static repartition of the 128kB ROM. At the begin we have the Bootloader with a recovery firmware, then some flags and at the end we keep 2 firmwares and 2 configs.

With this procedure we are able to check after n steps if the last firmware fail, and then back on the previous. And if the previous fail after n steps we jump to the recovery firmware and are able to flash over the can.

In conclusion, we think that we have to be very bad programmers if we want to brick our cards.
Reply in next weeks ;) .

Clément Péron


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