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Tutobot – Schematic 90% ready


Our schematic is almost ready, we are working in VCCs, GNDs and respective capacitor and inductors, considering analogic and digital signals in the SmartFusion according to this document, we almost finished it today, this should be finished by tomorrow morning.

All the others schematics are ready, we are just waiting the LT3979 and the battery connector to be added in the Expedition library.

The biggest inconvenient of SmartFusion is that informations are spread in several different documents,  there is the general datasheet, the documentation of the FPGA, the doc of the MSS, another doc of the Analog, SmartFusion Board Design Guidelines, Board-Level Considerations, and there are others. This kind of division can be a good organization, but sometimes the information we are looking for is broken in several pieces, each piece in a different document.


Helen Fornazier

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