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PCB Command motor and FPGA programming

Motor command :

This week-end I worked on the PCB will command the motor. It is now finished. We will use a AT90USB162 as micro controller.

Power problems :

We have finally solve our power management problem : indeed, in the propeller we need 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V(with almost 10A for 5V).


I thought about the internal architecture of our FPGA. My idea is the following :

I have coded the RAM controller part. I will realize a testbench to compare the timeline with the needed timeline.

As sensor, we will use a coding wheel. But, we have put on the propeller an halls sensor too, just in case …..

Jeremy Sauget

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2 comments to PCB Command motor and FPGA programming

  • If I understand correctly, the RAM controller makes each RAM available in one of those exclusive modes at any time:
    - either a R/W memory accessible from the Gumstix CPU
    - either a R/O memory accessible from the FPGA

    Is that right?

  • Sauget Jeremy

    In my idea, we can access to the two memories at the same time: Gumstix can access to a RAM and the FPGA calcul block can access the other RAM. The Switch RAM block just switches one RAM by the other when both FPGA and Gumstix notice they are ready.