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Tutobot: place and route

Today I finished the last details of the PCB and started placing the components. There is a lot of components, our LCD is kind of big, and the smart fusion chip isn’t that tiny either. I started considering a circular board of 11cm diameter, but increased to 15cm after seeing all the components.

One thing that is decided is that the motors will be on top of the board, so it stays closer to the ground (and so the line sensors). I drew some rectangles to represent the space of the motors and wheels. I still need to learn how to make the holes for the wheels and screws.

I also have to be careful with the ground planes. I divided the board in two, one part has the regular ground planes, the other one has the analog ground. This is a recommendation from Microsemi, to have a less noisy analog ground. The two will be linked at a single point by a zero ohm resistor.

Tomorrow night I will keep working on this.

Gabriel is working on our Makefile structure for compiling projects easily.
Helen is going further with programming testing interruptions. She could activate them, but the vector table is in the flash memory (which we are not able to program by the openOCD yet). She is searching a way to inform the core that the vector table should be placed in RAM.

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