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Tutobot – MSS Programing and PCB

Hello everybody,

These two days we are a bit slow because the most part of the group has classes about human formation from 8:30 am to 6:30pm, so we are just working at night.

The bootstrap of programming the MSS (Microcontroller SubSystem, the non-FPGA part of SmartFusion) in Linux is done, now we are able to embed a bootloader and a OS, but unfortunately just in ram.

Programing in flash will be done latter as we need to find out how to program the SmartFusion FPGA part in Linux as we use the most part of our peripherals in FPGA. We will start this tomorrow.

For the PCB, Thalita is advancing in our model, placing the components and making the shape of our robot. Now she knows how to perform holes in the board for the wheels. Models of the motors and the wheels will be added soon in the Expedition Library to help making a good placement and avoid errors.


Tutobot’s Team.

Helen Fornazier

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