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RoseAce : It’s going to shine

We finally finished our PCBs. I took care of the pinout and the placement, then I started the routing in trying to put in one PCB all the logic  the power supplies and the leds. But the routing in the center is very complicated and loaded (with the leds and the fpga in a same place and constraints with some heavy components), that would have forced us to get a 4-layers PCB. Which with a 50cm long PCB would have cost an outrageous price.

So we split it in 2 PCB, one with the logic and the power supplies, Sylvain has dealt with.

And one with only the leds and leds driver, Jeremy has dealt with.

During this time I started to deal with Gumstix and install a Debian armhf on it. I’m currently operating the WiFi to make it works properly and in access point with a dhcp and a web server inside.


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