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Some news from Maestrose

Between hardware difficulties, our drivers’ developpement has gone forth, and it has been one week now since our codec has begun to work, playing songs and recording sound. Our FRAM was functionnal much sooner, and Bertrand has implemented the ChibiOS BaseChannel interface on our SPI driven microSD card, so that it couldn’t be easier to write the recorded sound to it, and stream WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files from it. The last lacking driver is for the push buttons, but it has been  written by Guillaume and should need only a bit of debugging.

The main program structure which will support our applications is also on the way, we have all it needs to exchange ZigBee messages between our modules, parse them and internally dispatch them to the right threads… Well, as it is there is only one thread needing to exchange data with other modules, and our dispatching thread can seem a bit useless, but our idea of what Maestrose will perform next week is meant to evolve and, well, if this small thread remains pointless, discarding it shouldn’t be a big matter.

The next big deal for us will be time synchronization through ZigBee. In fact I had begun working on it before some more important matters required my attention, and here too there’s some debugging to do.

Maestrose, coming soon…

Aurélien Martin

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