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It’s rolling now!

We did it: we can activate the Tutobot motors now! After having brushing lots of bits to flash the FPGA image we could flash one that  that implemented the interface to the motors and LEDs with the MSS using the FPGA. You can checkout the first run in the attached video (don’t mind about the shake to the camera since I scared when the motors started :-D ).

It could had been earlier but we are still having issues to write the FPGA image file to the SPI memory. We already tried many approaches but we are still losing a few bits in every write (and when I mean a few, it is some 32 bits for the entire 191kbytes file). We still have to figure out how what is going on with the SPI interface.

Motor first run (ogg)
Motor first run (mp4)

Gabriel Teixeira

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