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A new intense week is coming

Last friday, we had the communication challenge which put an interesting end to the STM32 practical work (but we know that more should come soon ^^).

The Hexapod team pointed out an interesting software named V-Rep, so I took a look and it seems a bit complicated to simulate a ballbot with it. Therefore I tried to use robotSim and robotBuilder from Cogmation but the program wouldn’t stop crashing on my computer…

As we had found some Matlab simulation code from the existing ballbot project (such as Rezero), I thought the best solution should be to use Matlab and Simulink which seems to be really powerful. My goal for the next few days is to learn how to use it and try to make simulations with (as soon as we’ve finished some mechanical calculation with Pierre-Hugues).

We also made a kind of summary of our meeting with Alexis an Samuel on our Ball-E Google group in order to settle a better communication inside the team.

I hope that next post will come with complicated calculations and some screenshot of our work !


Matthieu Tardivon

STM32, communication challenge and works on the Gumstix

The practical works on the stm32 board is finally finish and complete. There is now just to finish the PCB for Wednesday.

Last friday there was the communication challenge that went well and took us the entire day.


Now for Rose Ace we have to finalize our architecture. So we’re working on a Gumstix this week-end to check that it has enough computing power for our application and that WiFi reception is good, even in a ventilator running at 1000rpm.


Ready for tomorrow

Today, I finally finished the practical work on the STM32 card.

It can sing a Bach’s song received by Zigbee ! I hope that all I have done will be enough to handle tomorrow’s communication challenge (Spare me Murphy, please ^^)

The BallE team had a meeting with Alexis and Samuel and we discussed many things. I won’t detail it in this post because Pierre-Hugues should do it soon and he will also explain some of the mechanical calculations we made the last few days.


Matthieu Tardivon