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RoseAce : FPGA and gumstix communication

This week-end, I worked on the FPGA. All modules are written excepts the gumstix communication module because we have some problems with the gumstix I will explain next. I wrote a module to debug all system reading in ram (and so a module to simulate the ram behavior): debug is in progress.

On the gumstix, we use the NCS0 as chip select but, even if gumstix allows us to access to this signal, it is yet used by the NAND (which is not explain in the gumstix’s “data sheet”. So, we can’t use the GPMC to communicate with the FPGA for the moment. We have thought about several solutions: hardware patch (if it is possible) but, before doing this,  Felix is trying to find a software solution to disable the NAND to be able use the GPMC with the FPGA …

Jeremy Sauget