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RoseAce deals with FFmpeg

In order to display a video file on our device we decided to use FFmpeg. That is a well known software program used to deal with multimedia files and – for the anecdote – it has been created by a former student of Télécom ParisTech, Mr. Fabrice Bellard.

It provides us with libraries that allows us to deal with media files and I tried to use it in order to implement a short player that takes in argument a video file and sends the frames to the FPGA.

But I encountered two main difficulties: The compilation and the use of the libraries with which I was not familiar. Moreover the tutorials to create these type of players that can be found on the official website for example are out of date.

So I decided to rewrite a program following this pseudo-code:

-open the video file.

-while the video stream provides with frames; do something with it.

-close the video file.

The program works and there are now two things to do to complete it:

-Define what will be the “do something with frame” and for that I will discuss with Félix who is dealing with GPMCs.

-Implement a protocol to command the system through a server interface.

And of course make all that running on our Gumstix rather than on my personal computer.

Sylvain Ract