Interactive web site of Télécom ParisTech's ELECINF344/ELECINF381 Robotics and Embedded Systems classes (a.k.a. ROSE, 2012 session).


SaMoRa : presentation and research

Yesterday, we searched ideas to improve our project. We would like to put a video camera on each train to allow people to take control. We would like to put some lights on our train to create a night mode and we would like to develop a system to detect an obstacle on rails.

Today, we work about our presentation. First, we are trying to imagine a kind of architecture. This architecture will allow to reduce number and length of wires.

Then we tried  to imagine different steps of our project and we did a schedule. This schedule is very important to have deadlines for each step.

To conclude, we allocated tasks to each member of our group and we chose a name : SaMoRA (Safety Model Railroad).


Brice Gelineau, Clement Péron, Guillaume Bolbenes

Ballbot’s first day

As this project might be quite tough mechanically speaking, we began our work by taking a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch our first ideas.

We also took a look at the existing projects in order to learn more about ballbots and to improve our sketchs. Thus, we discussed some points such as the use of 3 omniwheels (ex : Rezero) instead of 2 (ex : Lego Ballbot).

Finally, we tried to divide the conception of our robot into several parts, and assigned each part to a member of the group. We also estimated a schedule for the realisation of each part. All of this helped us to make the presentation for tomorrow.

Otilia, Phh, Scott, Matthieu


Matthieu Tardivon