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SaMoRa : Bad & Good News


We have found two errors on the PCB Station, the first was just a shutdown sleep on the audio amplifier which wasn’t connected. We sussesfully patched it. The second, was on the ethernet transceiver but the patch was much more complicated and during the operation some pads were deceased. we could have made a new pcb but due to the cost and time we decided to use the old station instead.

The Two stations are linked with a serial cable and it works quite well.
Some other good news, the web server is working (Thanks to lwIP) and it communicates by http. We have begun a simple control interface.
There is some proof:

Some other good news, the buzzer works with the DMA transfer. However, it only works with raw audio files (8bits unsigned @8khz). We also made a map of the railroad. The only things missing for our railroad to work are the sensor cards.


SaMoRa’S Team

Clément Péron