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SaMoRa progress, it’s time to assemble modules


Today, Brice worked about Server. He is able to send commands to train and base station translate this in DCC to lead trains and switches.

Bootloader runs. we put it on all cards and we will not need to flash all cards individualy. So we are able to flash all cards of a specified type in one time.

This bootloader has two parts:

  • One part is on the station and another part is on all daugther boards. This part receives the new firmware (compiled in 0×08004000) by serial port  and it sends this firmware on CAN bus. The first frame is a BEGIN_UPDATE frame. Since the boards have the correct ID receive this frame and they switch in update mode and they erase their old firmware. After base station sends frame with data (new firmware) and all cards in update mode write this new firmware in flash. Finally, base station send reset frame and all cards reset on the new firmware.


Tomorrow, we will try to merge all modules like traffic ligth  board and sensors.

See you soon,

SaMoRa team.