Dead Drops!

Thanks Patric for the great resume of the project!

I’ll just add some small things to help others mapping the concept!
Dead drop means leaving a package in an already known location so someone else can get it (the two people never have to meet).
Our project will deal with a similar concept, for example:

A wants to send a message to B, but he can’t do it directly. A then leaves the message with C, so if B comes near C, B will receive the message.

Even though it can be used for passing messages secretly, my view of the project is with a somewhat different focus:

If you are at a ski station, where you super cellphone is not very useful, it would be nice to have a tool to call for help!
(I may be running a little from the subject, but bear with me for a while). If everyone in the mountain had one of the equipment, when someone else crosses you that person could receive your message and pass it on to the lifeguards from that mountain.

In this case, you don’t leave a message in a static place for someone else to get it later, you are the static place, and you leave your message with a moving object that will deliver it.

Some proprieties that this device should have are a robust wireless technology (long distance and not be easily attenuated by obstacles) and a long life battery (especially for the static locations, so we don’t have to change it very often).

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