First day

Ok, today we have made the groups, I’ll be with Patrick, Sacha and Pedro on the “wireless dead drops” project.

Otherwise I though a lot about our objectives, the design, the name, well whatever that came through my mind.

And I’ve been spammed all day long by piazza 🙂

Hubert Lefevre

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7 comments to First day

  • Felix

    Can we have a short description of the goal of this project?
    I don’t think you just going embed usb drives in the walls?

  • HubertLefevre

    The main idea of the project is to create a communication network, with a lot of emmbedded device. This will not use the usual networks, (one of the idea, is that it will be used where there is no network).

    The users will be able to communicate with others. The messages will spread from one device to another, until the recepient receive the message.

    For the moment this is the main idea, we are currently thinking about all technical details. And other ideas to improve our project.

    Thanks Félix

  • Felix


  • drix

    For those of your team who never heard of it, this link can be useful:
    Good luck 😉

  • drix

    It wasn’t a spam !
    Have you checked at the Serval project ?

    Paul Gardner-Stephen & Swapna Palaniswamy, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia: “Serval mesh software-WiFi multi model management”.

  • HubertLefevre

    Yes, thanks we checked on Serval Project, although there is not much on the website. Sacha found a company that does mesh-network. I’ll take a look at your document.

  • They are presently talking about it (for their first project presentation) 🙂