End of second day

We talked with Alexis Polti about our ideas. We have to open our mind to other solutions, as having several little cubes, making a bigger cube : with or without more LEDs. With the 10x10x10 cube, we won’t be able to put the whole device inside the cube, but with little ones we can.

We will make an other meeting tomorrow to talk again about those points, and see what we prefer.

For Friday, I’m going to make a presentation with Frédéric about quartz and oscillators. We decided to research in seperate ways this evening and to pool it tomorrow, that’s what I did. I learned how quartz and piezoelectric effect are used to make oscillators, some more theory about quartz oscillators, why they are useful, and what kind of oscillators we can use for a microcontroler.

Coralie Thourault

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