February 19


  • Gave some thought about lemon-powered low voltage radios. When life gives you lemons, you might as well make embedded systems out of them.
  • Firmly decided to commit myself to learn buses protocols before Monday.
  • Talked about PSSCs with Hubert and Pedro. I think writing down the transmission protocol between our radios would be something that I like. I am thinking of a simplified version of IP.
  • Read about the ZigBee protocol for my exposé on Friday. It looks like the sort of thing we could use—not only because it is what we learn in class, but also because it was design for simplicity and low energy consumption.

We also began converging towards a name : Zombie Drops (Pedro’s Idea), Walking Dead Drops (my interpretation of it, a bit too long I’m afraid), WaDeD (Hubert’s shorter version of the precedent). It looks like it will be close to that sort of meaning. I like WaDeD!

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