First meeting with the whole group

With Victor, Thibaut and Frédéric.

This morning we did a meeting to talk about our project in general. We talked about some technical aspects of our cube, and pool the information we found yesterday. We began to prepare the presentation of next week and specify our project. We talked for example about the multiplexers, the cameras, the LEDs. Here are the conclusions of our metting:

First of all we thought about the name, we have some ideas but it will depend of the applications of our project, so we will reveal it later.

Will we make a pedestal in our project?

If we do one, we can put the sensors and all the hardware in it. But we obviously won’t be able to look through it, so it can be a disadvantage for some applications. What’s more it may be too heavy to carry it and play with it. On the other hand, if we don’t make a pedestal we want to put all the devices in the center of the cube, so it has to be very little, and we have to adapt all the wires. For the battery we can use a pedestral to charge it.

Which applications do we want to do?

-> display a picture

-> display an animation

-> detect presence, and light on LED based on that

-> do as if there were water in the cube, the surface must stay horizontal

-> 3D mirror : replicate a picture taken with a 3D camera

-> snake : the game, the snake always go up (or down) and you move the cube in order to keep the snake in the box and keep it from biting its tail

-> rubik’s cube : the camera detects the movement of your hands and represent a rubik’s cube as if you had one

What device will we put on the cube?

-> an accelerometer (to know where are the top and bottom)

-> cameras or kinect (to see the movement happening around the cube) (we won’t put 6 cameras)

-> presence detector (to detect the hands)

-> pairs : LED /photodiode sensor in the ultraviolet, we can see where is the hand

Actual PSSC :

  • Did we make the architecture?
  • Did we create the cube of LED?
  • Did we make the cards?
  • Can we light on a LED?
  • Can we display an image?
  • Can we detect a hand next to the cube?
  • Can we reproduce an image in the cube?
  • Can we take back the position if the cube?

All those conclusions will de discuss with our teachers to know what we can do (capacity and right), and be adapted up to monday morning.

Coralie Thourault

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