Getting Started

The group had its first real meeting today. Loïk created a Google Group for our team, it made communication so much easier.

Before the meeting, I spent some time gathering pieces of information, getting to know what has been done in the field of spherical robots and finding some ideas for the project name. Several really cool robots have been made, it gave us some inspiration. One of them has a plexiglas shell which is what we were thinking about. Basically, I identified four main options to roll the robot :

– wheel based (that is what Sphero uses)

– two perpendicular rotors

– pendulum based

– gyroscopes based (very complex)

During the meeting we talked about the pros and cons of these different options but this has been fully described by Charles in his own post. We want to keep it as simple and efficient as possible.

We chose a name for our project : Ball-E, only to find out that this name was cursed. So we had to change it, and finally came up with the name : “Rolls Rose”.

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