HARP’s first step

Projects and teams have been elected yesterday morning. Mine is composed of Pierre Guceski and Alexandre Blanchet.

The aim of our project is to make 3-Dimensional version of last year’s RoseAce. Hence, instead of having a propeller covered with LEDs, our construction will feature a slab with LEDs on each sides. Since we’re building an enhanced version of an older project,  the notes / plans of the precedent group should be one of our main sources to begin with. I’ve started to skim through Rose2012 web site and I must admit the whole is quite uneasy to decipher. We should be able to achieve the work for our Monday’s initial presentation though, if we just catch a glimpse of their work. The understanding of their project will surely increase with our knowledge of embedded systems in class.

Also, we had a metting after lunch with the group. The name of the project will be HARP or HAwRP which stands for holographic animation with retinal persistence.  We also solved organizational problems by creating a google group and exchanging our phone numbers.

In future posts we’ll discuss the advancement of our work and research on Monday’s presentation.


4 comments to HARP’s first step

  • What do you mean by “the whole is quite uneasy to decipher”? (don’t worry I am not upset, I am just eager to help if I can :))

  • Paulin de Naurois

    My comment wasn’t negative. It’s just that it’s quite difficult to get through technical details. For instance I don’t know yet what is a Gumstix, or how the whole project worked.
    I wasn’t impliying that your logbook posts weren’t well written or detailed, I’m simply having trouble to understand them for now.
    Thanks to have looked up my post!

  • Gumstix is definitely a nice toy 🙂 Good luck for your research.

  • Felix

    Yes Gumstix is a nice toy, if Copterix didn’t play with before 😮