February 20

Happy birthday Ludwig Boltzmann!

Not much time for ROSE-related work today:

  • Had a reunion with Hubert, Sacha and briefly Pedro (I had to go to my Leadership in Cinema class, which was a pretty enjoyable time) about specifications for the projects. Good news is: we have a name! From now on, we will be the WaDeD (Walking Dead Drops) team! This being said, we have much more to do before Monday, but this really helped clarifying what we need to do.
  • We agreed on meeting tomorrow afternoon with Paulin and Victor to prepare our Friday morning exposé. I found datasheets for XBees (they were sort of hidden, Digi are little devils) and started reading them; I also read more about IEEE 802.14.5 and ZigBee protocols.

I have not looked at Aurélien’s RF solution yet, but 802.15.4 sounds like the sort of thing we are looking for: low-consumption,  short-ranged, small bandwidth transmission.

2 comments to February 20

  • “I found datasheets for XBees (they were sort of hidden)” : didn’t you see my comment on your former post ? I gave you the link to their documentation page, on which you can find the datasheet and the user manual.

  • düs

    I went to that page, but what I’m used -perhaps wrongly- to call “Datasheet” is what they call “User Manual”, hence the difficulty.