A post for the pleasure of posting

Well it seems like we’re supposed to post on a regular basis on this logbook. Last time I did that I was in Senegal and we had so much to tell our family and friends everyday ! I mean, it’s not like my life here at Telecom is boring – far from it – but I don’t see who would be so interested by it. And especially if all I write about is Rolls Rose, the amazing  moving sphere we’re gonna give birth to ! (no, not literally, of course, we’re not that advanced in genetics). So this post is really for the pleasure of posting. And also to make our name in the tag cloud bigger.

So we hope this project is going to turn out good, and that we’ll be able to do lots of things about it, not just the mechanics. We’ll see this week end as to a theoretical planning, but so far I have to say that I like how this project is handled : we’re not per se forced to do things, but we’re forced to be organized, realistic, rigorous and rational about it. Excellent ! And the concept of PSSC is pretty good – well, it’s the concept of breaking down a project in smaller bits that is good.

And we have plenty of ideas for features, so that’s also really cool, this little sphere might end up being pretty nifty ! Stay tuned and watch it grow.

Tomorrow, the exposés things. Though I now master the details of JTAG functioning, I don’t have anything to say as to how it is implemented for STM32 – aside from the fact that we’re gonna use OpenOCD through STLink and that OpenOCD implements JTAG without us knowing how exactly. All we have to know is the set of OpenOCD commands – which we already do from ELEC223 ! This STM32 things just might be really cool too. Oh, how I love my life ! Yeah, I’m a geek – but a happy one, really.

May the force be with you, I’m watching TBBT now.

Charles THIN

ROSE 2013

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