WaDeD : The Walking Dead Drops

Hello world ! Yesterday, we had a reunion with the other member of the group (Sacha, Pedro and Patrick), and we choose a name :


The Walking Dead Drops.

During the reunion we talked about a lot of thing, but we tried to keep our mind on what we have to do for Monday. But the project is really interesting and there is so much to think about, I like it.


We are thinking about making a primary module called a Stone, that will, just like a simple network card, transmit messages according to a protocol that we have to write. The idea of the protocol is to flood with messages all WaDeD devices that we can reach, to deliver a message to someone. Once it’s delivered, it becomes a tombstone message, and we also need to flood all WaDeD device with it, to tell the stone to erase the message from their memory.

The Stone will be able to be connected to devices. The most important device will be the Zombie. This device will handle the Human-Machine-Interface, and allow a user to add a message to the network, or a tombstone when he received a message. We are also thinking about other devices, as Broadcasters,  or Power-saver devices.

Otherwise, I have been working about my presentation, with Loik, we will focus on the LCD display HD44780, that will be used in TPs.


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