Days 3 & 4

Since I forgot to post yesterday, here is what I did the last two days.


Yesterday we had the long meeting with the group (which was complete only for ten minutes since we all have such a busy schedule and a bad luck: the free time of one is during the class of another…) where we discussed how we would like our project to be. We considered having a unique device for the mobile and the dead drops, with a possible connexion to an other device (a keyboard + a screen for  the mobile, but also a thermometer…). We also chose the final name for the project : WaDeD.

Today I worked with Pierre to make our presentation for tomorrow. It was really hard because we have to explain to the others things that we have trouble to correctly understand and are unable to test. It’s like teaching a programming language without ever using it.


My main difficulty in those two days was to have some time to meet others. Between the language classes, the human formation classes, and the council of school, it is impossible to meet with two different groups in two days – people of these groups having their own obligations, except working at night, but our bodies start to disagree with this solution.

Sacha Delanoue

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