week resume


This first week was very interesting for me. Now I have a much clearer idea of how these next couple of months will be. And I’m very excited about it! (thought lost sometimes)

Monday we decided our projects and I really liked the project (Roled’s Cube) and I getting to know my group. Tuesday and Wednesday we brainstormed some ideas and Thursday we had a meeting to decide the objectives, the material to be used (in a generic way) and the PSSCs. I also worked with Paulin and Patrick to make our presentation of XBee. Yesterday after having some feedback of the professors we started our presentation for Monday. I won’t repeat what my colleagues have already said about the cube (You can check Coralie, Thibaut et Fred’s posts for that) but basically we’ll use presence detectors and a kinect to control and play with our 12x12x12 LED cube.

Now I’m working on the TP… See you soon.

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